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Leadership Skills Assessment Test Overview

Leadership test can be used by recruiters to assess candidate's awareness of leadership concepts and best practices before investing time in further interviews. This Leadership Skills test assesses candidate's understanding of various aspects related to leadership at workplace including leadership styles, terminologies, techniques, tools etc. Designed by leadership skills experts, this leadership test has been developed to assess skills of candidates keeping in mind industry standards and typical company requirements.

Leadership Skills Assessment Test Topics

  • Leadership Styles
  • Laissez Faire Leadership
  • Participative Leadership
  • Transactional Leadership
  • Tranformational Leadership
  • Toxic Leadership
  • Techniques
  • Terminologies

Leadership Skills Assessment Test Details

This Leadership test enables companies to identify high potential candidates with leadership traits required at workplace by assessing them for job readiness.

# of Questions Available: 50+

Test Duration: Can be chosen between 15-60 minutes

  • Our assessment engine automatically selects questions from our high quality question database
  • You can also upload your own questions, preview and edit them online
  • You can customize test settings like test duration, number of questions, test validity period etc.
  • You can use our Custom Test feature to combine questions from multiple subjects
  • Our proctoring feature terminates the test if the candidate moves away from Test window multiple times