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Corporate Training FAQs


Q. How do you create your training materials?

A. Our training materials are created by our in-house experts who have deep technical expertise and writing skills to create impactful and engaging training contents.

We review and update our training materials based on the feedback we receive from training attendees.

Q. Do you customize training plan and materials?

A. We believe that each customer's training needs are unique. We have various industry standards training material ready to use which we customize for our customers so that participants have the best learning experience.

Q. What are the recommended durations for training courses?

A. Training courses duration can vary from a few hours for certain soft skills training to 1-5 days for technical subjects. Our technical courses are structured to run from 1 to 5 days and we finalize the training duration in consultation with our customers - taking into account the current skill level and aspirations of the attendees.

Q. How much of training time is devoted to tool demo and hands-on exercises vs. theory?

A. We typically devote 50% of the training time on tool demo and hands-on exercises for the technical trainings. Learning concepts is essential so enough time is devoted to introduce them but real learning comes from applying those skills using hands-on exercises. For soft skills, we have interactive learning methods which include case studies, role plays etc. to help aid better understanding of the concepts.

Q. How do you assess impact of training sessions on participant's skills?

A. Unlike many other training companies, we offer an option to perform pre and post training assessments to evaluate attendees' skills before and after the training. That helps us assess the impact of the training program.

Q. Do you offer pre training assessment?

A. Yes, we can perform pre training assessment to gauge attendees' skill level. That helps tailor contents and make training delivery more appropriate and impactful.

Q. How do you evolve you training programs?

A. We take feedback provided by training attendees very seriously and incorporate that into our training contents and delivery method.

Q. Do you offer training programs at your location?

A. We currently don't offer training programs at our location but can organize training sessions at an off-site location (e.g., hotel, auditorium etc.) based on customer's request.

Q. How much do you charge for training sessions?

A. Training charges vary based on training subject, level and duration. We provide you our proposal after understanding your needs. Please use the Training Request form to share your training needs and we will promptly get in touch with any questions and initial proposal.

Q. What if attendees have questions after the training completion?

A. We offer a unique post training support model in which training attendees get up to 4 hours of our time to clarify any doubts/questions. This support is valid for a week from the training completion date and available through email and phone.

Q. In which all locations you can offer trainings?

A. We are available to conduct training sessions in any part of India (or the world for that matter). We work with our customers to agree on bearing travel and lodging costs if the training location is outside Pune.

Q. How many attendees can attend your training sessions?

A. We recommend a group size of up to 15-20 attendees for any training program. Smaller groups aid in learning and help the group stay focused.

Q. Do attendees get certificate of completion?

A. Based on customer's request, we can deliver certificate of training completion within a week of training completion.

Q. How do I provide feedback on training?

A. We believe in delighting our training attendees and collecting feedback is critical part of that process. We have a well-designed Feedback form that helps us collect quantitate and qualitative feedback after every training session.

Q. What time do training sessions begin and end?

A. We work with our customers to design training schedule that best fits attendees work schedule and availability.

Q. Do you cover topics requested by attendees that may not be in training curriculum?

A. We are happy to discuss topics that may be requested by attendees during training sessions even if they are not in the curriculum.

Those topics could be discussed outside the scheduled training hours if they are specific to an individual and can affect learning of the rest of the participants. This is a very simple but one of the ways we make our training program unique and truly affective.