Technical and Soft Skills Training for Corporates

Today, with the increasing competitiveness and decreasing time, it has become imperative that the right amount of training, with the right content and medium is delivered to gain optimum learning which could be applied directly to one's work.

Features of our corporate training offering:

  • tests for training assessment

    Large Portfolio

    + Over 45 courses spanning technical and soft skills areas

    + New courses added every quarter

    + Training programs for entry, middle and senior levels

  • online tests for laterals hiring

    Hands On Training

    + Customizable curriculum and training materials

    + About 50% of training time spent on hands-on exercises

    + Interactive sessions with individual & group exercises, role plays, quizzes

  • online tests for bulk recruiting


    + Conduct training sessions in your premises or ours

    + Flexible training duration to suit participants' project commitments

    + Post training support