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Skills Assessment Platform for Online Tests

Based on different studies, the cost of bad hiring can be 5 to 25 times the base salary of the job. In addition, it can affect the morale of your staff that invests considerable time in recruiting and affect overall productivity and negatively impact your company's culture. Why make such mistakes when you can use our Assessment platform to screen prospective candidates quickly and cost effectively.

Read on to learn what you can do with our online assessment platform:

  • online tests for laterals hiring

    Lateral Hiring

    Screen candidates using technical and soft skills tests before investing valuable time of your staff on further rounds of interviews. Save time and money by selecting only those candidates which meet your defined criteria across desired spectrum of skills.

  • online tests for bulk recruiting

    Bulk Recruiting

    If you are conducting walk-in interviews or visiting a campus for bulk recruiting, use our assessment platform to screen a large number of candidates in parallel and invest time only in those who meet the minimum threshold.

  • tests for training assessment

    Training Evaluation

    Use our assessment platform to measure the impact of your training sessions. We can help you conduct pre and post training assessment tests to evaluate the training impact.

    Benefit even more by engaging us for conducting training programs for your employees. Learn more about our training services.

Our online assessment platform helps you:

  • low priced online tests

    Save Cost

    Screen local and remote candidates using our platform and bring in only pre-screened candidates for face-to-face interviews and save on travel and lodging expenses.

  • easy to create online tests

    Save Precious Time

    Your technical and consulting staff will thank you for bringing in pre-screened good quality candidates. Save their precious time by eliminating candidates who don't meet the minimum threshold.

  • our tests help you hire faster

    Hire Faster

    Don't let the schedule of your technical and consulting staff become bottleneck for interviewing candidates. Screen a large number of candidates using our platform and focus only on those who exhibit the skills you are hiring for.